• Reassure your customers and employees!
  • Setting new sanitation standards!
  • The safest, most efficient and most complete disinfection system on the market!

Regardless of your sector of activity, preserving the health of the people who work for you and those who trust you to provide goods and services is a constant priority.

We can contribute to your peace of mind with our innovative solutions.


  • Reassure your customers and employees.
  • Easy to use.
  • Allows you to free up your staff and assign them to other tasks.
  • Pulverize the whole basket! Not just the handle!
  • Vortex effect system to cover a maximum of surfaces.
  • Integrated support technology for optimal pulverization.
  • Available with a variety of environmentally friendly and containing LOW ALCOHOL% products approved by Health Canada.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for automatic email alarms, machine status, such as disinfectant product levels and remote diagnostics.
  • Very fast return on investment.
  • Lowest cost of use on the market.
  • Rugged construction made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Requires only a 120V power outlet.

Pulverization Disinfection

A 4-in-1 equipment allowing to disinfect carts, baskets, hands and while controlling the flow of customers with an automatic barrier. Available in different dimensions, suitable for all sizes of carts. With its 4.0 connectivity you will be alerted of the machine status thus saving you the costly presence of a staff member at the store entrance.

Located in the entrance of the stores, this stainless steel station assures a projection of ecological and non-toxic disinfectant products on the baskets and carts.

This tunnel has a fluid capture grid to direct waste liquids to an available drain or into a recovery container. The disinfection system is equipped with a pulverization mechanism to cover the cart or basket, when detected, with the disinfectant from the tanks.

Several options are also available:

  • The 4 jugs cabinets (Ideal for high-traffic stores).
  • Automatic dosing systems (Allow a perfect mixing of disinfectants with safe dilution.)
  • Disinfectant products.

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